Welcome! 欢迎 ברוך הבא


We would like to thank you for your interest in our organization.


We started CIC as an initiative to bring China and Israel-affiliated students of Columbia University together to facilitate interest and conversation on the increasingly relevant Sino-Israeli relationship. Now, with over 30 students on our board and a newly-established CIC branch in the University of Pennsylvania, we have created a dynamic platform for discourse, and have also expanded our unique programs


Within the context of the growing relationship between Israel and China, we have launched two unique programs: the Fellowship and the Think Tank. Through these programs, which you can learn more about through this website, we give students who are keen and passionate about the Sino-Israeli relationship the opportunity to explore their interests beyond the bounds of University gates. The Fellowship program provides students with pre-professional experience in companies in Israel and China, and our Think Tank is working collaboratively with companies and professionals to formulate expert-information on the Sino-Israeli relationship.


Please explore our website to find out more about the initiatives that we are working on. We are always excited to partner with other organizations, so please reach out if you are interested in any form of collaboration, and subscribe to our mailing list if you would like to be part of the CIC Team!

Jonathan Schwartz,  President


Why China & Israel

The Sino-Israel relationship goes far beyond and far deeper than one might think. From the history of the Kaifeng Jews, to the Jewish refugees in Shanghai, these two nations, that relate to each other’s cultural and communal values, hold a history embedded with cooperation. Today, CIC aims to further facilitate the exploration of the multifaceted potentials of this bilateral relationship. Whether it be discussing One Belt One Road, or Israel as the “Start-Up Nation,” all while sharing a Kosher-Chinese meal, CIC opens a dialogue that connects Israel and China through culture, technology, business, politics, and everything in between.

What are some of these connections? Geopolitically, Israel seeks to create connections outside alliances with the West, while China is becoming increasingly invested in the Middle East, both economically and politically.  Additionally, Israel’s booming innovation and start-up landscape is the perfect business partner when paired with China’s incredible market-size. Technologically, both countries seek to find durable, sustainable long-term solutions for global problems like water-shortages, agriculture, climate change and medical technology. And historically, Chinese, Jews, and Israelis alike have always held a profound respect and admiration for each other’s cultural values and ideals.

What we do

CIC organizes year-round educational and expositional events to educate China and Israel-affiliated students regarding the mutual benefits of this relationship. From hosting panel-discussions with guest speakers, to holding more intimate round-table conversations, CIC invites experts and professionals to speak to their interests and experiences within the dynamic field of Sino-Israel relations. 


We also provide career opportunities for students through our fellowship program. Through this program, we are building a network of students and professionals in the public and private sectors, as well as within academia, in order to allow interested students to connect with members of the respective countries and expand their professional and personal networks.