The experience has been amazing because I was able to travel to places like Haifa, Bethlehem, and Jordan. I've met all sorts of people from Bedouin nomads to shopkeepers in the Old City to people who've left their old lives to live on Mt. Zion. I've met and hung out with people in the CIC program, friends from Penn in a different program, from a hostel, and an old friend I haven't seen in four years. I'm glad I chose to come here instead of staying in the States for the summer; I would've been bored out of my mind.

The internship was different than what I expected. The startup culture was very prevalent and everyone was so nonchalant with everything, but serious when needed be. My company has been around for a year and a half and within my six weeks, they've already brought on two new team members. I've had the chance to gain a better understanding of the startup culture and about venture capitalism as well.

This opportunity has been so valuable in giving me the opportunity to work in a unique culture and has been the first time I've been truly independent in terms of traveling by myself to a foreign country and finding my way. I'd say my only regret is not learning more Hebrew beyond eifo ha sherutim and atah medaber ivrit.

2019 Fellow - China


Summer in Israel was amazing. I interned at a tech startup in Haifa called RideOn. The firm is working on their new version of augmented reality ski goggles and I helped build and train the image recognition model. There are lots of great restaurants in Tel-Aviv, which are the perfect places to chill and meet friends after work. I also enjoyed traveling around Israel during weekends, and the friendship I developed there was incomparable.

2019 Fellow - Israel


It was an amazing opportunity to be able to work in China, specifically at a company that deals with bridging the relationship between China and Israel. Through the first-hand experience I received working on facilitating cross-border deals, I have a new appreciation for the complexities involved with geopolitical relationships. I also feel as though I was able to get a strong taste of Chinese culture through my traveling both with work and the fellowship. I hope to return to China very soon.

2019 Fellow - China


I loved the two months I spent in Tel Aviv in every aspect. I worked at Nexar, a company that is building the world’s largest vehicle to vehicle network. Everyone in the company was very helpful and friendly, especially my manager and my mentor, who gave the interns great patience. My colleagues spoke English fluently so there was no problem in communication. I learned many new tools that are now popular in the tech industry through my projects, especially those on networks and infrastructures.

In my free time I tried to travel to different places every weekend. I visited Jerusalem, Jordan, Haifa, the Dead Sea and many visitor spots in Tel Aviv during my time there. Interestingly, my roommate and I never took the public transport, we commuted to and from work with electric scooters every day. The good thing about taking the scooter is that we got to familiarize ourselves with Tel Aviv even more, we could almost not rely on Google Maps anymore at the end of the two months. We lived in a lovely neighborhood called Neve Tzedek, “the Oasis of Justice”. It was very close to Jaffa and the beach, there were many good restaurants nearby as well.

All in all, I had a great time in Israel and I am very grateful for CIC for making this possible. The activities CIC organized during the summer also helped us to explore Israel beyond Tel Aviv. The friendships, work experience and the beautiful places I visited made this past summer very special.

2019 Fellow - Israel


I spent the summer interning at a startup in Tel Aviv. While my work focused on marketing and branding, I also got to understand various other aspects affecting the growth of an early-stage company. Tel Aviv fascinated me with its vibrant culture, friendly people, and beautiful street scenes; there are also numerous sites nearby with rich history and beautiful scenery, which I enjoyed exploring over the weekends. I was particularly grateful for the growth I was able to experience at the company and the friendship I shared with other CIC fellows. Overall, it was a fantastic summer.

2019 Fellow - Israel


This summer, I was the editorial and marketing intern at the Israeli Chamber of Commerce in Beijing. Over the course of my internship, I gained international experience in publishing, editing, and marketing. I wrote, edited, and published original articles that were posted on IsCham's website, WeChat, Facebook, and LinkedIn. I also translated articles, videos, invitations, and business inquiries from Hebrew to English, and I managed the Chamber's Wordpress website and social media accounts. I also acted as a representative of the Chamber at Summits and formal functions. Personally and professionally, I believe that I grew tremendously over the course of this summer.

2018 Fellow - China


This past year, I took part in the IDChina club which teaches Israeli students about business culture in China. Through IDChina, I discovered the CIC program and applied, and after several interviews, I got accepted. CIC assigned me the task of selecting companies that are the most interesting in my eyes from their list. I chose DayDayUp, an accelerator company with deep connections to the Israeli startup scene. After being officially hired by DayDayUp, I arrived to Beijing and started the Internship. I was in charge of developing new products for the company and was also given my main goal - to plan a full five-day delegation to Israel for chinese investors.

My time in Beijing was very enriching and interesting, I’ve experienced many new things and learned a lot about the Chinese culture and Chinese history. Towards the end of my internship in China, I was invited to shorten my stay in China so I could join the delegation in Israel and be with them for the whole trip. I accompanied them during all the meetings and trips around Israel, learned a lot about the business world and bonded with all members of the delegation.

2019 Fellow - China


In the past summer I worked as a market research intern at IsraelGives, a not-for-profit company that runs multiple online cross-country donation and fundraising platforms. I had an amazing experience at the office where everyone was extremely welcoming and gained precious professional experience and knowledge about the industry. Outside of work, I fell in love with the city of Tel Aviv watching sunset on its gorgeous Mediterranean beach everyday, and was able to travel around Israel from Jerusalem, West Bank to Gaza border to pursue my passion for religious studies and international politics. Work, food, people, art… everything was incredible - I couldn’t have asked for a better summer.

2019 Fellow - Israel